Members Roster 2017





Mid week Competitions - Visitors are welcome


A Stableford Competition operates each Thursday, all year round for Members. Tee off between 7.00 and 10.00am


A 9 hole Chicken Run operates on Wednesday afternoon from October to March (Daylight Saving) for Members & Associates. Tee off from 3.00pm 




4       Stableford

11     Stroke

18     Stroke   Monthly Medal

19     Sun Pennant Week 1

25     Stableford

26     Sun Pennant Week 2 Div 5 to end



4      Stroke

5     Pennant  Week 2  Div 1-4    3rd Week  Div 5 to end

11    4 BBB Stableford

18    Stroke  Monthly Medal

19   Sun Pennant Week 3 Div 1-4   Week 4 Div 5- to end

25    Stroke

26    Sun Pennant Week 4 Div-4   Week 5 Div 5 to end




1      Par

2     Sun Pennant Week 5 Div1-4 Week 6 Div 5-to end

8     Stableford

9     Sun Pennant Week 6 Div 1-4

10   Mon Veterans

15   Stroke   Easter Saturday

22   Stroke Monthly Medal

23   Sun Pennant  Div 1 2 3 &4 only Finals

29   4 BBB Aggregate Stableford




6      Foursomes Championships 1st 18 Holes

9      Tue  SCGA Country Championships Foursomes (Llanherne )

10    Wed  SCGA Country Championships  Singles ( Huon Valley )

11    Thu  SCGA  Country Championships Singles ( Pittwater )

14     Sun   SCGA  Country Championships  Mixed Foursomes  (Elderslie )

13     Foursomes Championships Final 18 Holes

20     Stroke Monthly Medal

21     Sun  Mixed Foursomes 1st 18 Holes

22     Mon Veterans

27     4 Person Ambrose Invitation ( J Boag & Son )

28     Sun    Mixed Foursomes Final 18 Holes











3    Stableford

4    Sun Ambrose Challenge  ( Oatlands GC )

10   Stroke

17  Stroke Monthly Medal

24 -Stableford



1     Stroke

8     Stableford

10   Mon Veterans

15   Stroke Monthly Medal

22   4 Person Ambrose (Invitation )

29   Stableford




5      4 Ball Multiplied Stableford   ( BP Cambridge )

12     Stableford

19     Stroke Monthly Medal

26     Stroke




2   4 Ball Aggregate Stableford

4    Mon  Veterans

9    Stroke Bill Johnston Memorial

10   Sun RHL Roberts Trophy (Rnds 1&2) Elderslie GC

16   Stroke Drummonds Monthly Medal

17   Sun RHL Roberts Trophy ( Rnds 3 & Final ) Kingston Beach GC

23   9.30am Annual General Meeting Ambrose to follow

30   Stableford  AFL Grand Final




2     Mon  Veterans

7     Club Championships  Rnd 1

14   Club Championships   Rnd 2

21   Club Championships Rnd 3

22    Sun SCGA Country Shield Stroke   Llanherne GC

26    Thur Show Day 3 Person Ambrose Select Partners

28   Club Championships Final Rnd & Monthly Medal






4     4 Person Ambrose (Invitation )

11   Stableford

12   Sun SCGA Country Interclub  Dover GC

18   -Stroke Monthly Medal

25   Stroke (Monthly Medal Playoff )



2     Stableford  Trophy Night

3  Sun  SCGA Champion of Champions  Colebrook GC

9     Stroke

16   Stroke Monthly Medal

23   Stableford

30   Stroke


January  2018


6     Stableford

13    Stroke

20-  Stroke Monthly Medal

27-  Stableford




3    Stableford

5    Mon Veterans

10   Stroke

17   Stroke Monthly Medal

24   Stableford




Associates Roster 2017

This Roster is subject to alteration
N.T.P.: 4th and 13th Monthly Medal Days 



18th   Open Day Stroke

 25th   Stroke Monthly Medal-1st Silver spoon

 29th & 30thJudy Elpinstone, B & C Grade Championships at KBGC


 1st      Stroke Monthly Medal

 5th       WGT South 18 hole championships at RHGC

 8th      Stroke 2nd Silver Spoon, Match play Qualifying

 15th   Stableford 9am SGS

 20th    Greta Lovell Shield at Pittwater

 22nd  Stroke 1st international bowl

 27th     Pennant v Colebrook at Richmond


 1st      Stableford 9am SGS

 6th        Pennant v Llanherne at Llanherne

 8th      Stroke Eclectic 3rd Rnd Silver Spoon

 15th    Stroke Monthly Medal  2nd International Bowl

 17th      Pennant (Friday) v Elderslie at Richmond

 20th   Pennant Bye

 22nd  Stableford 9am SGS

 27th     Pennant v Huon Valley at Huon Valley

 29th   Official’s Day


 3rd       Pennant v Elderslie at Elderslie

 5th     Stroke Monthly Medal 

 10th     Pennant Bye

 12th   Annie’s Day Stableford

 19th    1st  Round Foursomes

 24th     Pennant v Colebrook at Colebrook

 26th  2nd Round Foursomes

 29th-30th        North v South Plate


1st        Pennant v Llanherne at Richmond

 3rd       3rd Round Foursomes

 8th – 14th         Country Week

 15th      Pennant v Huon Valley at Richmond

 17th   Stroke Monthly Medal 3rd International Bowl

 21st    Mixed Foursomes Rnd 1

 22nd    WGT South Veteran’s Open Foursomes at KBGC

 24th    Stroke Monthly Medal & 4th Silver Spoon

 28th   Mixed Foursomes Rnd 2

 31st    Captain v President Stableford 


 4th-5th State Pennant Final at Launceston GC

 7th     Stableford  9am SGS

 14th    Stroke Monthly Medal

 21st     Canadian Foursome 9am SGS Draw for Partners

 28th   Stableford Yellow Ball game    


 3rd    Fun Day TBC

 5th     Stroke Winter Cup

 12th   Stroke Silver Spoon Play off

 19th    Stableford  9am SGS

 26th   Stroke Monthly Medal


 2nd      Stroke Eclectic 9am SGS

 6th       Combined WGTS & WGTSC   Foursomes at TGC

 9th     Bronze Stableford Qualifying

 16th   Barclay Shield Qualifying

 21st      WGT Southern Country Senior Vet’s Venue TBC

 23rd  Stoke Monthly Medal

 30th  Stableford Spring Spoon 9am SGS


 6th    Ambrose Draw for teams

 11th       WGT Southern Country Championship at Pittwater

 13th  AGM 8.30am 4BBB Stableford

 10th & 17th Southern Open & Div 2 at Claremont GC

 18th       South Eastern Championships at Pittwater

 20th   Stroke Monthly Medal

 25th     Barclay Shield at Launcestion GC

28th    Stableford


 4th     Round 1 Championships

 11th    Round 2 Championships Stroke Monthly Medal

 15th      Tas Business Women’s open Venue TBC

 18th    Round 3 Championships

 25th   Round 4 Championships

 30th    Silver Spoon Final at Llanherne venue TBC


 1st      Stroke Monthly Medal

 6th       W.G.T.S.C AGM at Richmond

 8th     Stableford

 14th      Bronze Stableford final at venue TBC

 15th    Charity Day

 22nd  Stroke Monthly Medal play off & Master Putter

 23rd-26th  Elvie Whitesides at Royal Hobart GC

 29th  4BBB Stableford 9am SGS


 1st        W.G.T.S.C Christmas Medley at Richmond

 6th    Stroke Monthly Medal

 13th    Christmas Party


 24th   Open day Stroke

 31st     Stroke Monthly Medal 1st Silver spoon


7th      Stableford 9am SGS

 14th   Stroke Monthly Medal

 21st    Stroke 1st International Bowl

 28th   Stroke 2nd Silver Spoon Match Play Qualifying

W.G.T.S.C Official’s Days 2017

 February             21st  Huon Valley      

 March                  23rd  Elderslie

                                                    29th  Richmond

 April                     11th  North West Bay

 May                     4th Orford         

 July                       19th  Pittwater

 August                 2nd  Tea Tree    

 October              5th New Town Bay

                                                  22nd Colebrook (Open Day)



PRESIDENT  Lyn Munnings 6259 7173

CAPTAIN  Sue Richardson 0408 477 620

VICE CAPTAIN  Dianne Harwood 6273 2370

SECRETARY  Mary McDermott 6248 5143

TREASURER  Jill Mayne 6247 8175

HANDICAP MANAGER  Jill Mayne 6247 8175

COMMITTEE  Alison J. Salter